We are looking for a senior software engineer!

Please send us your CV and motivation letter to info@kappazeta.ee

In the motivation letter (1-2 pages), please explain:

  • Why would you like to work in KappaZeta?
  • What do you expect from the work in KappaZeta?
  • List the technologies you have used and are strong at.
  • Explain your role in previous software projects. What were your responsibilities? Were you reviewing and planning more other people’s work or writing the code yourself?
  • Your approach to build a computationally expensive service on cloud platforms in some previous successful projects of yours? What were the critical aspects and why it worked out well? Also explain the weak points: what were the lessons learned and what would you do differently now? If you haven’t built computationally expensive services on cloud platform, imagine, and describe how would you solve it – what would be the critical points for success
If you need more information, please contact Kaupo Voormansik (+372 5666 9225)