Relating Sentinel-1 Interferometric Coherence to Mowing Events on Grasslands

  • the effect of grassland mowing on interferometric coherence calculated for a Sentinel-1 pair separated by 12 days
  • The coherence increases after a mowing event, but the effect wears off in a couple of weeks
  • Precipitation counteracts this effect

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Monitoring of Agricultural Grasslands With Time Series of X-Band Repeat-Pass Interferometric SAR

  • Using COSMO-SkyMed acquisition pairs separated by one day, the relationship between grassland mowing and interferometric coherence was noticed
  • Precipitation and further agricultural activity on parcels after mowing may negate the coherence increase

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Observations of Cutting Practices in Agricultural Grasslands Using Polarimetric SAR

  • SAR polarimetry also provides means to detect mowing events from TerraSAR-X data products
  • Polarimetric parameters such as HH/VV polarimetric coherence and alpha angle of the H/alpha decomposition are sensitive to mowing

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Sensitivity of Sentinel-1 backscatter to
characteristics of buildings

  • Sentinel-1 backscatter statistics respect to the physical parameters of the buildings
  • Backscatter dependence on building height, material, orientation angle and shape
  • Alignment effects due to Sentinel-1 orbit and look angle

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