Comparison between cloudmasks
Check out our recent cloudmask processor results in comparison for test dataset with well-known rule-based cloudmasks. We specifically selected the worst performing sub-tiles where different kind of errors may be still visible.

Sen2Cor is the algorithm currently used by the European Space Agency for atmospheric correction and cloud masking of Sentinel2 images. Fmask is another algorithm allowing automated masking of clouds, cloud shadows, snow, and water from Landsat 4-8 and Sentinel-2 images.

Read more about KappaZeta’s cloudmask in our blog:

The color legend of the sliders:

The following examples are tiles from the product S2B_MSIL2A_20200401T093029_N0214_R136_T34UFA_20200401T122148.SAFE

Kappazeta's cloudmask