Detection of mowing events on grasslands from Sentinel-data

The first nation-wide system for automated monitoring of agricultural practices in EU 

Duration: 2016-2018
Customer: Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB)
Partners: CGI Estonia, Tartu Observatory

  • Nation-wide fully automated mowing detection system operational in Estonia from 2018
  • Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time-series for operational near real-time monitoring
  • 85% of detection accuracy of the mowing events on grasslands
  • Automated “early warning” reminders to applicants

 An isolated grassland – status “not mowed”

Grassland mowing detection for agricultural subsidy checks with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2

Looking over the borders to Denmark and Sweden 

Duration: 2017-2019.
Customer: European Space Agency, Industry Incentive Scheme (ESA IIS)
Partners: The Danish Agrifish Agency, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Reach-U Ltd, KappaZeta

  • Validate the service by performing user trials in Sweden and Denmark
  • Enhance the existing cutting and grazing detection methodology
  • Study Earth Observation Community Platform (EO CP) service providers
  • Perform Viability Analysis

Data Analytics for Optimizing Agricultural Monitoring

Going beyond the mowing detection powered by high-level data analytics expertise 

Duration: 2017-2018.
Funder: Enterprise Estonia, project No. EU48684
Partners: Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre (STACC), KappaZeta

  • Develop a scientifically validated methodology for ploughing and grazing events detection from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series
  • Bring to customers a new cultivation and grazing detection product prototype
  • Involve high-level data analytics expertise powered by STACC.

Home page and demo application

KZ branding, home page and demo application

Duration: 2017
Funder: Enterprise Estonia, project No. EU51738; amount of the grant 14,960 €.
Main partners: Reach-U, Kiften, Jon & Pun, KappaZeta
Outcomes: KZ branding, home page and mowing detection demo application